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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Okay so I was planning on doing this big, long post that would dive into some story tropes that are rarely talked about, but then something massive happened in the culture war* that is way too important to ignore, so I'm going to write about that instead. It's gonna be slightly political but mostly just talking about cultural stuff (and by "cultural" I mean cult fanbases and such, of which I am a part of). Normal programming will resume shortly after, but I think some of you who weren't aware of this are going to find this super interesting.


*The culture war is the ongoing conflict of interest that involves various elements of different ages, upbringings and is reflected first on the Internet before reaching mainstream media and, eventually, regular real-world events. Many believe the first battle of the culture war was GamerGate (2014), which the gamers won, but continued in universities where SJWs had an overwhelming victory. It's not always easy to define what is and isn't a part of the culture war, but it's easily on a "know it when you see it" basis. 

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