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What's this? No ads assaulting my eyes through my screen? Is this a trap?

Nope, I don't intend to ever have ads on this blog.

"Doctors hate him! Learn this SIMPLE TRICK to cure your ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!"
And, I mean, I totally could, but I hate ads with a passion [and it's (insert current year) and most people are using adblock anyway] so I'm just going to not do that.

I mean, who isn't immediately turned way off when they open a webpage and are barraged by shit like this:

In my humble opinion, the current state of ads on the Internet is a dire one. I've noticed that, instead of letting random and disturbing ads run rampant on their blogs / videos, most creators just either:

A) Set up a Patreon and let the users decide how much to donate,


B) Accept sponsors on their videos and content, which is the same concept as ads, except they get to choose whether or not to accept a sponsor, essentially giving them the ability to decide if they're okay with advertising a certain group. More often than not, the sponsors are usually things like Nord VPN, Skillshare, Masterclass, Dashlane, Dollar Shave Club, etc.

I'm willing to take on sponsors if anyone is crazy enough to be associated with my blog, and potential sponsors can contact me at my business email,

Or one super-fan can donate a Bitcoin and I'll be set for years.
In the meantime, I'll accept donations on Patreon from anyone who's feeling generous, and patrons will get access to exclusive content, can request posts on specific topics, and will gain access to chapters from Desolation's Reach before it's available to the public.

Of course, the only flaw with not running ads is that it means relying on the generosity of strangers, on the Internet, which is about as reliable as a knitted condom, but hey, it can't hurt to have the option.

So yep, anyone who wants to donate and get access to exclusive content (or if you're just feeling generous) can, or not. I'm not gonna pressure anybody, if you can't or don't want to donate that's fine, my content will always be free and there will never be ads. But of course, if only 1% of my readers donated a dollar, I'd at least make a few hundred bucks on the side for the hundreds of hours of work that go into these posts. That's only like, $1 an hour, but that's fine with me.

So there you have it, I'll link my Patreon page below and anyone who makes a pledge of $3 or more will get access to the aforementioned exclusive content (I don't have any set up yet, as I just created the Patreon page and haven't gotten any pledges yet, but if I get any I'll follow through and share some goodies with them within 24 hours). If I get enough patrons, I'll open up a merch shop with T-shirts and mugs and any other things that belong in that type of menagerie. I guess I should start coining a bunch of references and clever inside-jokes if I'm ever going to have merch, huh? I should get started on that.

Warm regards,



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